This is one of the biggest and probably most important collections ever made by SisKa. It was made from the begging by the order of the boutique of the National Museum of Sweden to the exhibition “Faces of Time”, May 2008. Those beautiful and complicated pieces made by human hands are reminding us about the time and brevity of human life. At the same time as at one moment all of these intricate pieces stopped working and preserved one split of a moment. All of the pieces designed and produced by Ekaterina’s own hands each of them is unique, named and numbered. Each of them has a certificate of the origin sighted by the author. Begging 2008 the collection is steadily growing and the ambition is to make hundreds of pieces in each of hundred different names. So far all of it has been produced in Sterling Silver and the time pieces are covered by colorful Plexiglas. Because of different types of work it is difficult to say how much any of them will cost. The artist is trying to develop new way of thinking while creating a jewelry object and believes that designing jewelry is not a craftsmanship but an art form.